There are IT Companies and there are IT companies. The originals and the “me too” kind. The winners and the also rans. The ones who talk and the ones who deliver.

At KMITeS, the three most important facets are quality, quality and quality – everything else comes later. This is because we truly believe (and practice) that if you take care of the ‘big Q,' (Quality) the rest follows by itself.

Attributes like flexibility, reliability & adaptability further contribute to creating a premium organization powered by international technology and home-grown values. In addition, wide-ranging and affordable solutions from concept to implementation, for product & project management, reinforce our reputation as a world-class service provider.

Proven management skills is executing large projects and handling international business blend the experience of age with the dynamics of youth. A large intellectual capital base backed by exacting standards of professional expertise, located in a IT hub-centre like Bangalore, once again add up to quality deliverables and all-around excellence.

What makes us tick?

We bring with us skilled professionals from varied backgrounds, as well as a host of diverse experience, running into over 100 man years. With our top management being associated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Georgia Tech, we are a team that combines youthful dynamism with the exposure that comes only with time. Best of all, we don't need to look outside to avail of the skills and expertise we need.