The basic purpose of design is communication through the use of visual components and allieds inputs. Our design studio assists in the attainment of corporate goals though effective design elements. Text is implemented graphically for better recall through a gamut of services that cover:

User Interface Development

Brand Strategy
Corporate, Product and Service Identities
Branding and Identity Standards

Usability and User Research
Prototyping and Proof of Concept
Multi-Platform Interface Design

Web Design & Development
Online Promotions

Usability and User Research
Information Architecture
Web Sites
Flash Applications
Intranets and Extranets

Search Engine Optimization
Web Promotions
E-mail Marketing
Community Building

Print Media

Marketing Collaterals
Sales Tools
Kiosks and Exhibits
Environment Design


Further, composite packages including logos, flash and corporate presentations are created to aid the overall brand strategy.

In sync with corporate goals

Regardless of the level of technology achieved, there is still no substitute for the human hand. Combining the manual with the technical is what raises the art to new heights along with freedom of thought and expression. Equally important is addressing the target group in a manner they understand and speaking into their listening, while simultaneously chalking out varied alternative options for the client. The result is a design strategy perfectly is sync with marketing objectives and corporate goals.