Speed. Accuracy. Cost.

The three key facets of Medical Transcription that separate the men from the boys. The professionals from the pretenders. Three vital hallmarks of the industry around which the entire business revolves - converting medical records into electronic form, promptly and precisely.

AAMT & HIPPA Compliance

Following stringent, quality standards prescribed by AAMT (American Association for Medical Transcription) along with HIPPA compliance (handled by specially appointed officers), KMITeS works as per industry benchmarks and international methodology, minimizing downtime and maximizing reliability - all accounting for superior standards of transcription with an extremely high degree of accuracy.

Services Offered

Whether operating out of a clinic or hospital, small or large, KMITeS offers personalized services to each individual client, as per specific requirements. The range of records includes: History & Physical Reports, Clinical Notes, Office Visits, Operative Reports, Consultation Notes, Discharge Summaries, Psychiatric Evaluations, Laboratory/X-Ray/ Pathology Reports, Letters.

Human Resources

Trained professionals, comprising editors, QA specialists & supervisors handle an output of 20,000 lines per shift. Accuracy of the highest order is assured from experienced transcriptionists who receive continuous in-house training and monitoring. Each complete transcript further goes through a senior transcriptionist (editor/proofreader), ensuring output synonymous with quality and reliability. Exposure to live files in different fields further adds to value.

First-time Users

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Turnaround Schedules

Having invested heavily in training, development support & IT infrastructure, transcription services are available 24/7 and schedules are maintained regardless of contingencies - the buzzwords being flexibility and adaptability. In addition, various turnaround schedules are followed, including six, twelve, twenty-four and forty-eight hours.

Sourcing & Pricing

Further, KMITeS uses a number of lexicons, references & softwares. Backlogs are also cleared, if necessary. With prices significantly less than industry standards, it all comprises the most cost-effective, value added-rates in the business. Thus, by paying less, you get relatively more.