Few things require a more thorough search than just Mortgage & Title Documents. Checking and rechecking facts, matching data from different sources, going over the details minutely. Besides using discerning judgment to minimize any room for error and tempering factual data with good old-fashioned common sense. In the process, leaving no stone unturned, to come up with the true picture - the entire picture.

We at KMITeS understand this better than most. After all, when financials are involved, there is a great deal at stake. Not to mention the speed and accuracy called for. Which stands to reason why we handle jobs with the priority and attention they deserve, often saving as much as an entire week -- not to mention a good amount of cost.


Property Searches
Mortgage Processing
Title Commitment Documentation
Online Filing
Web-based Solutions


We update the client's database with specified applications involving information about Client Details, Buyer & seller details, Property address, State & County, Tax ID, Lender Information, Title Insurer, Policy Details, Indexing Information (recording date, instrument number, book/volume/liber number, mortgage date & amount, legal descriptions etc.) Our expertise lies in accurate tracking, updating and creating binders for Underwriters (Title Insurers), all of which requires a professional approach and in-depth knowledge.


We are conversant with all aspects of the industry and provide complete, cost-effective solutions from lead generation to the closing of the loan. Besides being comprehensive, covering all documents and providing all relevant information, we transfer the precise information to the database, using it for creating title commitments. By entering the information just once, the room for error is minimized, besides saving on time and effort. Our ability to adapt is also much better, having worked with different environments and softwares.